Abandoned Discovery (Nine Photos)

During a recent weekend hike I took an unfamiliar trail at John Bryan State Park in western OH. I ran across the below abandoned site, although at first glance it felt more like a ruin.  I’m certain I could learn about this site through research, but right now prefer the sense of mystery. Photos taken with a iPhone 6.


False Spring (Three Photos)

The unseasonably warm February from the Midwest through the Great Plains created some  movement among birds. One Saturday afternoon we had these backyard visitors…eastern-bluebirdSome Eastern Bluebirds winter in Ohio, but not near our place. This day the bluebirds appeared, searching high and low for insects.

american-robinA pair of American Robins left the shelter of the woods to check for worms and larvae.

red-winged-blakbirdIn the past decade, this is the earliest we have seen a Red-winged Blackbird in our yard.