Antidote for Gray Day (four photos)

The American Midwest is isolated in a deep freeze. Nature is marked by the lack of color; gray trees and tan fields and crusty white snow. Seemed like a perfect time for a reminder the splashes of color will return in the Spring. Here’s a preview.

American Goldfinch
Baltimore Oriole
House Finch
Red-headed Woodpecker

Hanging Out

Red-headed Woodpeckers seem to beg for attention.

Who doesn’t stop and stare for a moment at the boldly contrasting red and black and white colors?

How many of us have looked twice at the red-black-white-black color pattern seen as a Red-headed Woodpecker sails from tree to tree?

I marvel as Red-heads dropping from gnarled tree branches as if they were some exotic specie of flycatchers to snare insects in flight.

Here’s to the Red-headed Woodpecker.


Play Day for the Kids

It was some sort of play day for juvenile birds.

Recently I was sitting on our deck around 7:30 am, fiddling with camera settings, when it dawned on me. There were a lot of immature birds flitting and flying around the bird feeders.

Upon closer inspection I realized only juveniles were present. Not a single mature bird in sight.

Maybe this happens from time to time, or maybe it happens often, but I had never noticed it. So I started snapping photographs.

So has anyone else shared this experience?