“Horror” Hidden in Plain Sight


I honor of Halloween, I present the pasture behind our house.

A few weeks ago the morning sun was casting glorious rays of light through the apple tree in our back yard. I grabbed a camera and soaked my shoes in the cool dew trying to capture photographs of the light.

There were no bleating lambs or jumping calves this spring or summer, so the pasture seems empty and overgrown. For all but 20 minutes in the early morning, it looks just like the above picture.

Fortunately, I walked behind the apple tree to the edge of pasture during that twenty minute window. The sight \struck me much like scientists who first observed the effect of x-ray. See the images below.

fall-spider-2fall-spider-3The spiders are hid in plain sight, taking full advantage of the tall weeds for their webs. Below is a Black and Yellow Garden Spiders. I welcome correction on my identifications.