Temptation in the Wilds (2 photos)

Ever experience temptation in the midst of your best intentions?

I am purposeful in my approach to the outdoors. If I’m in a wilderness area to shoot photographs, I capture images. If that means I only hike a half mile, so be it.
Earlier this month I went for a work out at John Bryan State Park in western Ohio. Unfortunately, I track workouts with a smart phone. This means I carry a digital camera.

A clear view of the Little Miami River slashing through the gorge was too much for me. For a period if time I abandoned the exercize for the sake of a few photos.

Since I’ve already confessed my faility, I might as well share the images. How do you deal with such internal conflicts?


One thought on “Temptation in the Wilds (2 photos)

  1. Just beautiful! But isn’t the point of exercising outdoors to enjoy the scenery, fresh air, and any wildlife you might see. If the sole purpose of working out for you was to just exercise, then you would just stay indoors in a gym. I hike often for exercise and I always bring a camera. Some times I may never take a pic and other times I get totally distracted. But I never feel guilty. I exercised my body and I instilled peace of my mind through the beauty of God’s creations.

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